Monday, April 12, 2010


Alright so I'm a little slow, Easter was what, almost 3 weeks ago? As usual we had a super fun Easter party at my parents house. The kids had the traditional easter egg hunt in the yard. I can't believe how fast they have grown! Usually we have to help them find the eggs- this year we had to keep them from tackling eachother! Ok so it wasn't that bad but as you can see, Shae was in the zone.

This is one of my favorite pictures ever! They all have such different personalities but they just love to be together and love to be at Grandma's house!
After the fun easter egg hunt and great food (thanks Marci for the deviled eggs- even though the paprika was lacking ;) ) I headed back up to the Liechty's house for some 'Girls Night In' Easter egg coloring with Lini and Kylie.

After a few eggs we tried to be really artsy and creative using stickers, glitter, rubber bands, markers, even a razor but we decided we should probably just stick with the kits they give us. Ha ha ha Heres how they turned out.
Trying to make the faces on our eggs :)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Festival of Colors!

If you know me at all, you probably know I am OBSESSED with anything that has to do with India and it just so happens my best friend Mckenna also happens to be India crazy as well. Lucky for us we can get our own little taste of India just down the road in Spanish Fork at the Sri Sri Radha Krsna Temple. Last weekend they had their Festival of Colors to welcome in Spring. Basically its just an excuse to be crazy and throw around colored corn powder at everyones face- but hey its a good time.

Mckenna drove 10+ hours straight from California so she wouldnt miss the event! (We try to go to all the Krsna Festivals and my mom worries everytime we are going to come back brainwashed and be in some Llama loving cult.) We had to prep for this fantastic festival by doing henna of course.

This is how my henna turned out. Henna by Nenna- is there anything better?
My hand on the left, Mckennas on the right. She is amazing!!

Showing off the henna at the festival. This was about 10 minutes into the festival, you can tell because you can still see skin!

Mikes rainbow hair
A few people came....... I believe the papers said 20,000 people were there. IT WAS NUTS.

Taking a break from the insanity! ha ha I like our pink noses

Friday, March 19, 2010

Disney On Ice

Last Saturday my mom took me and my sister and all the grandkids to Disney on Ice in Salt Lake. What an adventure that was! This was the only picture I could get of the show. I got yelled at 2 minutes after sitting down because I had a camera out. The show hadn't even started yet!! After I put my camera away and the show started 5 or 6 people around us whipped out their cameras and some even recorded the show with camcorders. Do they get yelled at? Of course not. Just my luck.

We all had a really good time, it reminded us of our super amazing Disney trip we went on a few months ago.

Just some super hot chicks waiting for some super cool Disney on Ice.

Grandma and her kids!

The kids were so nice throughout the whole show. All they wanted were sno cones... so me and Marci went down to concessions to get 6 snowcones- grand total... $87. I think it would have been cheaper to fly to Disneyland and get sno cones there.

Ty loved that Cars were in the ice skating show. I dont think I have ever seen someone clap so fast in my life. He turned to me and said very seriously "The Cars are so real." And then he stared into space to ponder how it all worked for a little while. Ha ha so cute. I love these kids!

It was a total rain/snow storm that day! We were not dressed for the awful weather at all. Mom, Marci and Ty took top priority for 'hair' reasons and huddled under the umbrella. This picture doesn't show how funny the 3 looked smooshed together trying to walk under it normally.
Here are the 'big' kids on the car ride home all hopped up on popcorn, soda, red vines, hot dogs, pizza and $12 sno cones. Thanks for the great day grandma! We love you!
We have the best grandma ever!!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Chicken McNugget Challenge!!!!!!!

Once a week Mike and I have a date night. One date night we drove by a McDonalds and saw on their sign they had a deal, 50 chicken nuggets for $10. On the way to our date destination Mike and I got in a heated conversation about whether or not he could eat all 50 chicken nuggets in one sitting. So we decided for our date night the next week, thats what we would do.

I present to you The Chicken McNugget Challenge....

The 50 Chicken McNugget Challenge Rules we came up with:

Mike has to eat all 50 chicken nuggets in 1 hour and NO throwing up during the time he is eating the nuggets.

Once all the nuggets have been eaten he cannot throw up for 5 minutes afterward.

If he completes the challenge within an hour and there is no throwing up he gets $100 to do whatever he wants with, if he fails I get $100 to do whatever I want with.

Let the Challenge begin!

He looks pretty confident- 50 nuggets and a bunch of honey dipping sauce all ready to go.

This would be nugget #25 at around 15 minutes into the challenge. He isn't acting. That is real pain.

Here he is in the zone on nugget #50 at 56:20 into the challenge. Only 3 minutes left!!! Notice how the challenge has now brought him to his knees and he needed a cold towel on his neck to get him through the last few min.

Ahhhhhhhhhh sweet victory!!! Mike completes the eating portion of the challenge with a time of 58:25. He now must wait 5 minutes to see if he pukes before the challenge is officially won.

At the 5:01 minute mark Mike wins the challenge and earns $100 to spend how he chooses ( I bet it wont be on a gun ha ha). He said this was about as much celebrating as he could safely do. About three minutes after the challenge officially ended he slowly dragged himself into the bathroom and threw up everywhere. I am not kidding. It was not pretty. Let this be a warning to any of you who take this challenge lightly.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Look Whos 23!

Aww my little Mikey just turned 23! I can't believe it. It's crazy to think I knew him when he was getting his drivers license!! The only thing Mike wanted from me for his birthday this year was for me to make my homemade cheesecake. Which of course I did after much groaning- I did not inherit my fathers cooking skills. It turned out pretty ok though.

Oh I failed to mention before he also asked for ammo for his 'baby'. He built an AR-15 over the past couple of months and he brings it EVERYWHERE........ I am not kidding.

After partying at the Liechtys house we went over to my parents for some more birthday fun. I guess 'Birthday fun' to Mike and my dad meant playing with the AR-15 inside the house for hours. Fun......

The only present Mike wanted from me at my parents birthday party was for me to make him perfect brownies in my perfect brownie pan I got for my birthday. So of course I did. Don't they look perfect? That is a very wonderful invention.

On Friday I completely surprised Mike with my real birthday present for him. I took him to the IFLY indoor skydiving building in Ogden. He was totally shocked!! I was so excited. He has always wanted to go skydiving but I am to scared to let him so this seemed safer.

This is his 'power rangers' pose.

Mike loved every minute of it! He was really good at it too! Towards the end of his session the instructor grabbed onto him and they flew up to the top of the tube it was awesome!

Afterwards we went to dinner at Happy Sumo in SLC and I had one more surprise for him.

For dessert I had ordered him a custom 'baby cake' from Flour Girls and Dough Boys bakery in American Fork. If you havent been before you should go! All their food is amazing!
Wow this picture reminds me how very delish this cake was!
Happy Birthday Mike! I love you!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Mike goes to every gun show he possibly can and the last gun show he went to with my dad and brother they all entered a raffle to win a gun. A month or so went by and Mike got a call from the company saying that he won- at first he was freaking out because he thought he won the gun but he won the 2nd place prize of a Frankenstien Bowie Knife custom made by Razors Edge Knife Shop in SLC Utah. When he went to pick it up they filmed him and put him on Youtube. He is a little camera shy. Anyways check it out! (p.s. the knife shop people dont always use the best language starting around minute 1:20... just fyi).

Friday, February 19, 2010

We're Famous!!!

Thanks to Marci for the reminder for me to post this...
A few weeks ago in the Daily Herald newspaper there was an ad for a contest to enter if you had a good proposal story and the top 10 stories would be published in the Daily Herald on Valentines Day. I sent in our story pretty much because I was bored that Sunday night and lets face it, Mike really did do a good job. So I hear nothing back from the paper during those weeks and I totally forget all about it. Then on Valentines Day on the way back from our mini getaway I get a billion phone calls and texts from people saying me and Mike are in the paper!
Anyways if you want to check it out here is the link.
Our story is titled 'Sunset on Newport Beach.